Our Favorite Gun Here at the Sportsmen Club

As a huge gun lover I have been around the block when it comes to the different types of guns. I think that I have a valid opinion when it comes to telling people what guns are good and which ones are bad. In this post I will tell you all which gun that I love the most and why.

Like I mentioned earlier I have shot a ton of different rifles and handguns in my time and by far the most superior gun that I have ever laid my hands upon is the AR 15 rifle. This gun is just the best overall gun currently on the market, there is nothing that can compare to it.

I know that you have all probably heard of the AR 15 and I am not trying to bring anything new to you all. All I am doing is being 100% honest with you and telling you the gun that I have enjoyed the most.

My current setup is the ar15 rifle with a custom upper receiver that I made for myself. I really like it and makes my gun unique compared to everyones elses. I also ended up adding a 20 inch long barrel to the gun which aided in the accuracy and straighter shooting.

I used that setup on my gun for the longest time but my friend had turned me onto a custom stock. He had it on his rifle and after I used it I knew that I had to get one for my rifle too. It felt so good in my arms and I could shoot for hours without any pain of any sort. So I did end up buying an ar-15 collapsible butt stock that is awesome.

I am very very happy with my setup for my ar15 and I don’t see myself doing anything else to it. In my eyes it is perfect and I will be as happy as a clam with it for now.

I would love to hear what your guys’s setups look like for your guns! So let me know in the comments below and let me know what your guns look like.